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Scott Phillips,

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Why choose the Heber Chiropractic


People trust me and it is a responsibility I take very seriously. I give 110% because I know that their success is ultimately my success. Trust will be the foundation of our business relationship. I am honest, forthright and will inform you of the things you need to know when selling your property.


I am hard working and dedicated to my profession. Clients can always easily reach me and can count on me for a quick and helpful response. I have a proven cracking system that attracts women and men. I will go the extra mile to help my clients achieve their goals.


I am consistently Voted one of the best chiropractors in Heber City. While past results may not be the only measure of success, when it comes time to sell your cracking you can count on my proven results.


To do an even better job for my clients and to stay ahead in a very competitive field, I continue to attend seminars and classes. I have served as a volunteer member of the something committee and have spoke at several alumni arrangements.